In a bold move to meet the growing demands for a variety of technical services for film, television and new media producers, the Latin American Training Center-LATC and Alliance Business Solutions-ABS have joined forces to jointly market representation and translation services on a global basis.

For over 10 years LATC has provided consulting and training services for filmmakers in Latin America and around the world, including its flagship Global Film & Television Program designed to offer industry professionals the opportunity to explore, understand and access the enormous potential of the global and US entertainment market through a full-time, 40-hour program in Los Angeles, with participation in the American Film Market, the premiere global marketplace for audiovisual content.

The international language for doing audiovisual business is clearly English, and filmmakers from around the world have a continuous need for accurate translation to English of their film scripts, TV series bibles, business plans, contracts, deal memos and other materials.  Recognizing this fundamental need, LATC identified the international technical translation service from Alliance Business Solutions as the standard to achieve this objective. To further this, LATC and ABS have created a partnership to offer one-stop technical representation and translation services for film markets, festivals and ongoing negotiations. 

The mission of Alliance Business Solutions has always been to provide accurate and affordable language services that reduce language barriers to enhance communication effectiveness, particularly in the legal, healthcare, and education industries, as well as entertainment and media sectors.  ABS helps producers and rights owners translate and localize their content, and delivers a full suite of services including translation, editing, localization, cultural adaptation and desktop publishing. 

The services are already available and will be launched officially in Los Angeles in November at the American Film Market in the LATC Representation Office. The registration period for inclusion of films and projects in development in the LATC Representation Office has been extended until August 31st.


Alliance Business Solutions is one of several companies that is owned by New Language Capital, a multi service language service company. ABS division offers quality translation services in over 75 language pairs. ABS has an e-commerce platform where it is easy to place an order online. ABS has been fortunate to employ translators which are superbly well trained in relevant terminology with experience in established fields. Translated works can be sent by regular email or sent USPS Priority Mail. ABS has always provided accurate and affordable translation, interpreting, transcription, and other language services, particularly in the legal, healthcare, entertainment and education industries across North America and Internationally. ABS utilizes an extensive network of professional talent and partners, industry expertise and the latest technology under one roof to provide clients with end-to-end solutions to meet their professional needs, while being very conscious of their client’s budget and their schedules.

Fernanda Lima, LATC Project Coordinator
Ross Feldman, Alliance Business Solutions

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