LATC is a media training, publishing and audiovisual consulting center with regional headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2009 LATC has conducted programs, workshops in Latin America and trade missions to the U.S., for producers, filmmakers, attorneys and executives from around the world.

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The dynamics of today’s globalized film industry make it challenging for independent filmmakers to find financing, production, distribution and marketing. LATC Consulting offers assistance to independent audiovisual content producers throughout Latin America, providing essential information, resources and consulting services to enable them to enter this playing field.


LATC specializes in creative training programs for audiovisual content producers. LATC methodology emphasizes new technology business models. In addition to organizing workshops and seminars on various aspects of filmmaking, it also offers seminars on intellectual property rights protection, rights management and commercialization of audiovisual content.


LATC publishes books focused on audiovisual activities and intellectual property rights, aimed to enhance the skills and competences of audiovisual industry professionals by providing access to the best techniques, information and guidance, thereby promoting the professional growth of the audiovisual industry throughout Latin American countries.


In his new article, Steve Solot provides guidelines for the creation of a foreign production incentive in Brazil

In his article entitled “Guidelines for an Efficient Foreign Production Incentive in Brazil,” published on August 9th in the Revista de Cinema, Steve Solot, LATC President and Executive Director of the Brazilian Film Commission Network-REBRAFIC, explains that Brazil is one of the few Latin American countries that still does not offer a foreign production incentive. read more…

LATC and FAU announce the winners of the Brazil-Florida Student Screenplay Treatment Competition 2018

The Latin American Training Center and the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies of Florida Atlantic University are pleased to announce the winners of the Brazil-Florida Student Screenplay Treatment Competition 2018. Focused on cross-border and immigration themes, the competition aimed to encourage co-productions of feature films (fiction or documentaries) between Florida and Brazil, to promote location shooting in both regions, as well as to help new writers find success in today’s highly competitive film and entertainment industries. read more…

LATC announces new international opportunities in Los Angeles for audiovisual industry professionals

This year, in addition to its traditional and updated Global Film & TV Program in Los Angeles, the Latin American Training Center announces a new International Representation Office at the American Film Market-AFM, the world’s most prestigious audiovisual market.  The LATC Representation Office will offer huge international visibility for films, documentaries, TV series and projects in development seeking sales, licensing, distribution and coproduction at the AFM, which runs October 31 – November 7 in Los Angeles. read more…

A new article by Steve Solot and Fabio Cesnik Highlights US Incentives for Audiovisual Content Production Available to Brazilian Producers

Published in the “Revista de Cinema” on June 8th, the article “The Importance of US incentives for Audiovisual Content Production for Brazilian Producers”, written by Steve Solot, President of the Latin American Training Center and Executive Director of the Brazilian Film Commission Network – REBRAFIC and Fabio Cesnik, attorney and partner of Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Advogados, offers highlights from the Webinar on Film Finance in the US, organized by the US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. read more…

Screenplay Treatment Competition: Application Period Extended for Students from Florida

The Latin American Training Center-LATC and the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies of Florida Atlantic University-FAU announce the extension of the application period for students from Florida in the 2018 Brazil-Florida Student Screenplay Treatment Competition. Registered students now have until June 14 to send their application. For students from Brazil, the application period ends this Wednesday, May 30. read more…

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