LATC is a media training, publishing and audiovisual consulting center with regional headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2009 LATC has conducted programs, workshops in Latin America and trade missions to the U.S., for producers, filmmakers, attorneys and executives from around the world.

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The dynamics of today’s globalized film industry make it challenging for independent filmmakers to find financing, production, distribution and marketing. LATC Consulting offers assistance to independent audiovisual content producers throughout Latin America, providing essential information, resources and consulting services to enable them to enter this playing field.


LATC specializes in creative training programs for audiovisual content producers. LATC methodology emphasizes new technology business models. In addition to organizing workshops and seminars on various aspects of filmmaking, it also offers seminars on intellectual property rights protection, rights management and commercialization of audiovisual content.


LATC publishes books focused on audiovisual activities and intellectual property rights, aimed to enhance the skills and competences of audiovisual industry professionals by providing access to the best techniques, information and guidance, thereby promoting the professional growth of the audiovisual industry throughout Latin American countries.


The 2017 LATC Global Film and Television Program in Los Angeles was once again a Huge Success!

With participants from all over the world, the latest edition of the LATC Global Film and Television Program in November 2017 was once again a huge success. The exclusive five-day program included presentations and meetings with high-profile Hollywood executives and...

Guide for Brazilian Film Commissions – Now Available for Free Download!

Published by the Latin American Training Center-LATC (Centro Latino-americano de Treinamento e Assessoria Audiovisual), with support by the Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas law firm, the new Guide for Brazilian Film Commissions offers, for the first time in Portuguese and...

LATC launches its new book during the Rio2C-Rio Creative Conference, the region’s largest gathering for creativity and innovation

On April 5, the Latin American Training Center-LATC announced its latest publication, Current Financing Mechanisms for Audiovisual Content in Latin America – 3rd Edition, during the Rio2C Creative Conference, focused on the creative industry, including audiovisual, music and innovation, which took place in the Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro. read more…

LATC and FAU Offer Seminar on Current Trends in Latin American Cinema and Documentary Filmmaking

On February 5, the Latin American Training Center and the Florida Atlantic University organized in Boca Raton, Florida, on the FAU campus, the seminar “Current Trends in Latin American Cinema and Documentary Filmmaking”. Among the participants, was the Brazilian director Luiz Fernando Goulart, who conducted a Master Class on his latest movie, the docu-drama “Dear Ambassador”, presented in the US for the first time on the previous day. read more…

“Dear Ambassador” Kicks Off Brazilian Film Series in Florida Curated by LATC

On February 4th the Latin American Training Center-LATC and Florida Atlantic University-FAU initiated a non-profit Brazilian Film Series with the US premiere of the film “Dear Ambassador” which tells the story of the Brazilian ambassador who saved more than a thousand people, mostly Jews, in France during World War II. The film was introduced by its director, Luiz Fernando Goulart, who participated in a round-table with the audience following the screening and was accompanies by the translator, his wife Marilia Rebello and Alan Berger, FAU Scholar Chair in Holocaust Studies.  Steve Solot, LATC President, served as moderator of the round table. read more…

LATC launches updated book on current financing mechanisms for audiovisual content in Latin America

On November 30, in Buenos Aires, during the Ventana Sur, the principal film market in the region, and with the presence of Orlando Pulvirenti, author of the Argentinian chapter, the Latin American Training Center-LATC launched its new publication: Current Financing Mechanisms for Audiovisual Content in Latin America – 3rd Edition (Mecanismos actuales de financiación de contenidos audiovisuales en Latinoamérica – 3ª Edición). Sponsored by the Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas Advogados-CQS and Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, LLP–CDAS, it’s an updated, expanded and bilingual Spanish-English sourcebook on 15 Latin American countries.

read more…

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