On May 25th at 1:00pm the Department of Commerce in the US Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro will hold a free webinar for professionals in the Brazilian audiovisual industry, with the topic, “Financing Audiovisual Productions in the US.”  Steve Solot, LATC President, will serve as moderator and will respond to questions on the subject.

The main topics to be addressed in the presentations are: options for film finance in the US, steps in the film finance process, comparison of film finance systems in Brazil and the US, among others.

Agenda, speakers and topics:
13h-13h10: John Cones (Film Finance in the US).
13h10-13h20: Fabio Cesnik (Film Finance in the US and Brazil).
13h20-13h30: Fabio Golombek (Brazilian Film Finance in the US and Brazil).
13h30-13h45: Steve Solot (Questions & Answers).

For more information and registration see the official site of the event here.

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