Founder and Former President

Steve Solot is the Founder of the Latin American Training Center-LATC and was the President until 2018.

Prior to founding LATC, he was Senior Vice President, Latin America of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), responsible for supervision and management of all MPA operations in all territories throughout the region in all-media, including: theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast television, Pay- TV, and protection of intellectual property rights in digital environments.

MPA Member companies are: Buena Vista International (Disney), Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation, Universal International Films, Inc. and Warner Bros.

International Theatrical Distribution. Mr. Solot holds MA degrees in Economics from Boston University and in Latin American Studies from the University of the Pacific.

Steve Solot is currently working for Netflix, Responsible for LATAM Regional Production Policy.

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