Noting that the Brazilian audiovisual sector continues to display strong growth, despite the deceleration of the nation’s economy as a whole, Solot points out the need to take advantage of this trend, turning it into concrete benefits in areas where audiovisual productions are being filmed. According to Solot, film commissions are the ideal entities to implement strategies to advance film tourism. Although Brazil has shown a growing interest in film commissions and their potential to attract audiovisual production, he stresses that there are still steps which need to be taken in order to professionalize the sector.

Solot points out that the up-coming 2016 Olympic Games make this the perfect time to reorganize effective training of the sector, as well as to promote film tourism, keeping in mind the number of journalists, filmmakers and film crews that will visit various parts of the country to report on culture, customs, cuisine and other aspects of Brazilian life. “There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth much more!” he concludes.

The full article available only in Portuguese, visit: Turismo Cinematográfico e Film Commissions

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