The Network was created following the 2014 World Soccer Cup, which demonstrated the urgent need for film commissions to offer high-level services throughout the country, in anticipation of the 2016 Olympics to take place in Rio de Janeiro. “This is the key issue, since we are aware that international producers and journalists, who will cover the Olympics in Rio, will also travel to other regions of the country to prepare their stories, which means that film commissions (audiovisual support offices) around the country will be critical,” said Solot.

REBRAFIC currently has 9 existing member film commissions and additional 16 members in process of formation. Each one should reach its potential, and also offer incentives and other benefits, if possible. “In addition, REBRAFIC offers know-how and training courses to ensure that the services they offer to local and international producers are of the highest level,” stated Solot.

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