The new book “Brazilian cinema today: essays by critics and experts from across Brazil” will cover the range of Brazilian film production since the beginning of this century. According to Solot, the aim of the publication is to provide a panorama of the Brazilian cinema today. “It’s a unique initiative, which has no precedent. We invited Susana Schild (“O Globo” film critic) to serve as curator to ensure the academic credibility of the work,” he says.

Solot also recalled the time when he worked for the MPA, representing Hollywood, while simultaneously organizing seminars and film collections about the Brazilian and Latin American cinema, and disseminating them throughout the continent. In one such project, “Latin American film tour,” I travelled through many American universities, from coast-to-coast, with a package of three films from each country: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. And in the ‘80, I created a collection of 6 films from 6 countries, based on Latin American literary works, which was distributed to universities and libraries in Latin America and the US — the Brazilian representative was “Vidas Secas”, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos. I went to each country to negotiate the rights of each film, as a non-profit project. I also promoted many seminars and workshops in Latin America,” says Solot.

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