– Production and Scriptwriting Course for Professional European and Latin American Producers, which are invited to participate in the San Sebastian Film Festival co-production market in September 2010.

Aimed at promoting cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the audiovisual production field and co-production and distribution agreements, as well as expanding commercial opportunities for audiovisual works, the Course offered practical training in the form of a 3-day seminar, followed by 3 months of on-line individual training by film industry professionals with proven international experience. The seminar included topics such as contracts, digital rights management, production and distribution of audiovisual content, film finance, co-production, new opportunities in the digital era and their impact on exhibition and new audiovisual business models.

The course seminars were held in 4 regional centers: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Mexico DF (Mexico) and San Sebastian (Spain), and included filmmakers from throughout Latin America and Europe with a film project in development stage. Following the first two modules, the film projects were reviewed by an international jury of film industry professionals which evaluated the budget, synopsis, marketing plan and other elements of a coherent film project “package.”

In an effort to recognize the highest quality projects selected by the International Professional Jury of Experts, according to specific creative, commercial and other technical criteria, without prejudice by geographic limitations originally established in the Seminar Program, the final selection of the top projects were based on a ranking of all 60 projects together. In view of the fact that the last four ranked projects displayed virtually identical classifications, the organizers of Tareula II have decided to include all 4 projects, which result in a total 22 selected projects for participation in the activities in San Sebastian.

The top 22 projects will participate in the San Sebastian Film Festival co-production forum in September 2010. This International Co-production Forum has been made possible by the sponsorship of IBAIA. While in San Sebastian, the filmmakers will participate in a practical pitching and packaging training session applied to their projects.

“These courses, funded in part by the European Media Program and Ibermedia, focused  on training in four general areas considered essential for the professional film producer: “script and Project development,” “technical training,” “film festivals as platforms for negotiation,” and “distribution and new business models for the audiovisual sector.”  In addition to hands-on training and personal tutoring for each project, the participants gained access to a network of industry contacts of European and Latin American producers to provide important opportunities for co-production, which is one of the final goals of the program,” explained Carlos Antón, Director of EGEDA.

TAREULA II 2010: Selected Projects

A children’s flightYvonne RuoccoUruguay
A escondidasAsier BilbaoSpain
Amalia, the legend of BarracasEleonora OlguinArgentina
Ararauna – When nature fights backVlamyr Vizcaya SánchezColombia
ArijunaGustavo Adolfo Pazmín PereaColombia
Captain VegetoJuan José ElordiSpain
Casa DentroMiguel ValladaresPeru
Como un atardecer de sábadoAugusto Cesar Sandino CubillosColombia
Don’t disappear!Pietro ReggianiItaly
Jesus on the MountCarlos Serrano AzconaSpain
Km 72Samuel HenríquezVenezuela
La rosa azulAntonio Peláez CampolloMexico
Nitrate FlamesTorben Skjødt JensenDenmark
ObscurityPaolo TaddeiItaly
Selección NaturalIsabel DávalosEcuador
Subway – A world in the womb of the worldAlessandro CodaglioItaly
Tango a MilanoLino PujiaArgentina
Tears to the windWerner SchumannGermany
The Greatest House in the WorldAna Virginia Bojorquez LechugaGuatemala
Two Brothers, Two FriendsAlvaro BautistaColombia
Viaje a TombuctúCarmen Rossana Díaz CostaPeru
VictorGabriela IsasUK

International Professional Jury of Experts:

As International Distributor:  Jorge Peregrino (Paramount Pictures Latin America  and Caribbean, Brazil)
As International Co-Producer:  Iôna de Macêdo (Dama Filmes, Spain)
As International Market Analyst:  Pau Brunet (BoxOffice Consulting, Spain)
As International Sales Agent:  Alfredo Calvino (Latinofusión, Mexico)


Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales
EGEDA is the collecting society that represents and defends the interests of audiovisual producers in Spain arising from the rights that the current Intellectual Property Act (as amended April 12, 1996) recognizes and protects. EGEDA has important links with producer associations in Latin America, and has promoted the creation of collecting societies for the joint administration of producers’ collective rights.

Latin American Training Center
LATC is a regional media training and consulting center located in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in creative training programs for audiovisual content producers. LATC is focused on the new generation of audiovisual content producers in Latin America, based on new technology business models and digital rights management concepts. In addition to organizing workshops and short-term courses on filmmaking, LATC also offers seminars on legal aspects of audiovisual content production, as well as a full array of audiovisual consulting services. LATC is affiliated with CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools, and maintains formal working agreements with: IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance) Foundation, NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers), IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project), FIA (Fundación para la Investigación del Audiovisual) and EGEDA (Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales).

Fundación para la Investigación del Audiovisual
FIA is an academic institution and public foundation created in 2001 by the Generalitat Valenciana and the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), and registered with the Community of Valencia, based on prior experience of offering workshops, seminars and courses since 1992 with the support of Radio Televisión Valenciana and the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE). FIA currently offers training programs for film and television professionals (focused on script and project development), as well as research and the study of new trends in the audiovisual industry and culture in Europe and Iberoamerica.


MEDIA International
Preparatory Action Media International
The preparatory action MEDIA International aims to explore ways of reinforcing cooperation between European and third-country professionals from the audiovisual industry on a basis of mutual benefit. It also aims to encourage a two-way flow of cinematographic/audiovisual works.
Voted a budget of €2 million by the European Parliament in December 2007 for actions in 2008/2009, and a budget of €5 million by the European Parliament in December 2008 for actions in 2009/2010, MEDIA International is planned to operate for up to three years with a view to paving the way for a broader EU support program MEDIA Mundus for global cooperation in the audiovisual industry sector. MEDIA International runs in parallel to the existing seven-year MEDIA 2007 program which supports the EU film industry.

Fondo Iberoamericano de Ayuda Ibermedia
The Ibero-American Assistance Fund IBERMEDIA was established in November, 1997 on the basis of decisions adopted by the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government held in Margarita, Venezuela, concerning execution of a stimulus program for co-production of films for Ibero-American film and television, the initial editing of film projects, the distribution and promotion of films in the regional market, and human resources training for the audiovisual industry. The IBERMEDIA Program is part of the audiovisual policy in the Ibero-American Conference of Cinematographic Authorities (CACI).

Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo
The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (“AECID”) is a public legal institution attached to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through the Office of the Secretary of State for International Cooperation (“SECI”). “AECID”, as established in Spanish Law 23/1998, of 7th July on International Cooperative Development, is an institution for management of Spanish policy for international cooperative development, and its purpose, according to the Spanish Agency for International Cooperative Development Statute, is to foster, manage and carry out public policy on international cooperative development, aimed at the fight against poverty and the achievement of sustainable human development in developing countries, particularly those in the Master Plan in force every four years. The fight against poverty is the ultimate goal of Spanish policy for international cooperative development. This effort is part of the foreign relations activity of the Spanish Government and is based on an interdependent and united conception of the international society.

Asociación de Productoras Audiovisuales Independientes del País Vasco
IBAIA is the Independent Audiovisual Producers’ Association of the Basque Country, established in 1997, with the primary objective of defending the interests of its members and promoting and improving Basque Country audiovisual production, in general. At present, it has 43 member companies in various fields of the A/V sector (fiction, animation, documentary, services, new formats…), which represent approximately 75% of Basque Country film and TV production.

Federación de Asociaciones de Productores Audiovisuales Españoles
The Federation of Spanish Audiovisual Producer Associations (FAPAE) is the non-lucrative umbrella body that integrates virtually all the film and television production companies in Spain. At present there are companies which have become integrated territorially, and in keeping with the specialization and the many peculiarities of the audiovisual sector.
FAPAE, since its constitution in 1991, represents and defends the business and professional interests of the audiovisual production sector vis-à-vis all persons, bodies and entities, public or private, and most particularly vis-à-vis the Public Administration. It is also active in the promotion of research and the elaboration of market studies and analyses within the sector.

For more information, contact:
Maite González maite.gonzalez@egeda.com, tel. +34 91 512 1610
Bruna Brasil bruna.latc@gmail.com, tel. +55 21 8191 4311

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