LATC coordinates annually a group of filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, attorneys and government officials from around the world for an intensive agenda of professional meetings, master classes, panels and events coinciding with the prestigious American Film Market-AFM.

During the LATC Program, on November 6-11, participants will have multiple opportunities to network, present projects and discuss their creative and commercial aspects with agents, executives, producers in areas of co-production, finance, representation and multiplatform distribution.

Aimed at connecting professionals with current industry trends, this new edition of the Program will allow each participant to customize part of the scheduled activities in Los Angeles according to their specific interests.  During registration participants will choose the type of AFM access badge, select optional training activities and tours, and determine the profile of industry professionals for meetings in Los Angeles.

Highlights of the 2019 Program:

  • Two options for AFM Badges: “ONE DAY BADGE”, ideal for newcomers and those seeking to learn about the market and expand their networking; or “INDUSTRY BADGE”, appropriate for professionals with projects in development who require extended access to the AFM, its buyers/sellers and platforms.
  • Guided tours: A tour and presentation in the Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles, and/or the traditional , for the experience of a working in a major studio.
  • Master Classes: Training by well-known professionals in their fields of expertise on current topics and trends in the international and US audiovisual industry including producers, distributors, attorneys, talent agents among others.
  • Preparation for the American Film Market: Orientation and useful tips to prepare for the AFM 2019, especially appropriate for young professionals; and/or preliminary evaluation of projects in development by the LATC team (subject to availability).
  • Professional Networking Events: Opportunities for networking with professionals from around the world, with choice of evening to attend the official AFM Carousel Reception at the world-famous Santa Monica Pier; and invitation to attend the traditional PGA & WGA Mixer, an informal networking reception with producers and screenwriters affiliated with the Producers Guild of America-PGA and Writers Guild of America West-WGA.
  • Pitching Panel: Opportunity to pitch projects to a select group of independent producers and industry executives, with immediate feedback and tips.
  • Technical Small Group Meetings: Up to 4 participants per meeting with 1-2 industry professionals according to areas of interest: production, screenwriting, direction, distribution or representation (subject to minimum of 3 requests during registration).
  • Professional Certificate: LATC provides an official Certificate of Participation to all participants at the close of the Program.

In its previous 10 editions, the LATC Global Film & TV Program has established itself as a unique opportunity for training and networking with well-known industry professionals, and a means for insertion into the international entertainment and audiovisual market. “The 2015 LATC Program was a highly rewarding personal and professional experience which yielded concrete results for my film projects, and also generated multiple contacts through networking with industry players in the American Film Market, and well as in our own LATC group”, stated Gabriel Ride, Director from New Zealand.

According to LATC Director Kate Lyra, it is important to note that each edition of the Program offers a different focus. “We are constantly updating the Program content and format in order to ensure that it is relevant and accompanies the changes in the industry, which is undergoing continuous transformation.”

The LATC Global Film & TV Program is supported by the Independent Film & Television Alliance – IFTA, the Motion Pictures Association – MPA and the Cesnik, Quintino e Salinas Advogados, Law Firm.   

Registration for the 2019 Global Film & TV Program is open from June 11th through September 30th, or until capacity is reached. The Early Bird discount of 10% is available up to July 15th. See LATC Global Film & Television Program for additional details, cost, requirements and registration form. For further information contact Program Coordinator, Fernanda Lima,

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