. The aim of the workshop was to offer participants academic and technical training as well as a chance to hone their skills for oral presentation of audiovisual content projects to potential sponsors, distributors, executives and other professionals of the audiovisual market.

The workshop consisted of: 1) a presentation of the various types of pitches used to present and sell projects to specific audiences for commercial purposes, with a lecture on “Pitching projects to international markets: Techniques and Verbal  Skills, which was followed by 2) Pitch Training Session to further develop this important skill.

Topics covered included: What is a pitch?; The “Logline” and other pitch characteristics; Types of Pitches; Different aspects and approaches ;  The 10 key questions for a successful pitch. Following a video showing examples of good and bad pitches, the participants were divided into groups to practice their new technique by pitching their projects, and receiving feedback from the teachers.

Below is a selection of photos from the Workshop – The Practice of Pitching:

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Brief biographies of our instructors:

Steve Solot is President of the Latin American Training Center, LATC (Latin American Center Audiovisual Training and Consultancy). Before founding the LATC , he was Senior Vice President of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) for Latin America, responsible for overseeing and managing all operations of the ‘majors’ in all U.S. territories in the region in various sectors, including: theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast television, cable TV, protection of intellectual property rights in digital environments. Mr. Solot has a Master’s in Economics from Boston University and also in Latin American Studies from the University of the Pacific. He is President of the Film Rio – Rio Film Commission, a joint office of city and state governments of Rio de Janeiro.

Kate Lyra is a writer, translator and actress. She has acted in soap operas for Globo, TV Record, TV Bandeirantes, Televisa (Mexico) and NBC (USA). She has done freelance work for CNN Breaking News and the BBC. She wrote several screenplays, including “A Causa Secreta” (Sergio Bianchi, dir.), which won Best Screenplay by Critics of Arts of São Paulo. [1993] Kate has translated over 50 scripts for several Brazilian writers, directors and private companies such as: Ruben Fonseca (High Art), Jorge Duran, Paulo Thiago, Walter  Salles,  among others. She was  screenwriter and presenter for 14 TV videos for the event YPO Amazon University and, wrote the pilot program, Meet Brazil on culture and tourism in Rio de Janeiro. She studied literature at the University of Arizona and screenwriting at the School Experimental script in Hollywood (with Bo Goldman, Neil Simon, Paul Mazursky and Paul Schrader), as well as with Syd Field.

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