The Film Business School-Latin America is a unique training programme aimed to accelerate the careers of selected film producers who have demonstrated success in their domestic markets and now want to transition to larger films for an international audience. The overall objective of the program is to increase the number of co-productions between Europe and Latin America.

The course methodology is based on a hands-on, project-based training approach: each participant submits a co-production project, and after individual and group consultations the objective is to complete a Financial and Strategic plan, as well as examine the legal structures related to this process.

FBS-LA sessions employ group seminars, tutorials, case-studies, one-to-one sessions, and pitch training to fine-tune the projects and adequately prepare participants to present them to potential co-producers, investors, sales agents, acquisitions executives and other players in the global audiovisual market.

The 2010 FBS-LA Program included 22 participants from Argentina, Brasil, Hungary, Poland, Colombia, France, Venezuela and the U.K.   The industry trainers and experts came from Germany, Brasil, the U.K., Spain, and Denmark, and included well-known film industry figures such as Juan Gordon (Morena Films – Madrid), Renate Roginas (Villa Kult – Berlin), Leonardo Monteiro de Barros – Conspiração Filmes-Rio de Janeiro), Olaf Aichinger (Bavaria Film International-Munich), Isabel Davis (UK Film Council-London), and Alberto Flaksman (ANCINE-Rio de Janeiro), among others.

Following the success of the first FBS-LA program in Rio de Janeiro in November 2009, LATC once again partnered with the Media Business School (Madrid), the Project Coordinator for the Media International Programme and the Center for Culture, Information and Environment-CIMA in Rio, to hold the training program during the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.  This year, the course was also supported by the Audiovisual Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture – Sav-MinC and the Brazilian Development Bank-BNDES.

The Film Business School-Latin America program is made possible by a grant from the Media International Programme, which is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the audiovisual industries of third countries and those of EU Member States, as well as support by Ibermedia – Program for Audiovisual Development to Support the Construction of an Ibero-American Visual Space, which is aimed at promoting co-production and distribution of films for cinema and television in Spanish or Portuguese on behalf of its 18 member countries.

As part of its ongoing program to follow up with participants of its training programs in Latin America and Europe, LATC is pleased to make available to interested co-producers, investors, and industry executives, summary information on projects of those producers participating in FBS-LA 2010, and other programs organized or supported by LATC.  Project information and producer contact information will be provided upon request, and upon authorization of relevant parties. 


LATC is a professional audiovisual training and consulting firm based in Rio de Janeiro, focused on the new generation of audiovisual content producers in Latin America, based on new technology business models and digital rights management concepts. In addition to organizing technical training workshops for professional filmmakers throughout Latin America, it offers full-service consulting services for content producers, Film Commissions, film festivals and other industry players in specific audiovisual, fiscal incentive and co-production. LATC is affiliated to:

• CILECT – Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision (Brussels);
• IFTA FOUNDATION – Independent Film & Television Alliance (Los Angeles);
• IFP – Independent Filmmaker Project (New York);
• NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers (Los Angeles);
• EGEDA – Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (Madrid);
• FIA – Fundación para la Investigación del Audiovisual (Valencia, Spain)

Daniel Dreifuss      
LATC Head of US Programs
Los Angeles, California
Tel: +1-818-644-1068

Fernanda Lima
LATC Special Projects
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel: +55-21-8357-3400

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