The results were announced during the China International KingBonn New Media Shorts Festival. The winning pitch was for Pig Digging, an animated feature-length film screenplay by animator Chen Xifeng about a lonely boy and his connection to the animals on his farm. The prize is participation in the 2013 Edition of the LATC Immersion Program in Los Angeles, where he will pitch his script to local executives and participate in various meetings to learn about the U.S. audiovisual industry.

The competition also included screenplay orientation sessions featuring participation by screenwriter David Freeman, Chinese director Zhang Daisheng, Chinese filmmaker Wan Shuibo who lives in Canada, LATC and Rio Film Commission President Steve Solot, President of the Berlin International Short Film Festival Heinz Hermanns, Hong Kong critic Lau Shing-hon, and Herman van Eyken, head of the Griffith Film School in Brisbane.

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