The activities began with a lecture by William Nix, an industry veteran, followed by an orientation session and a welcome dinner to the delegation, which had participants from 8 different countries – Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay.
Warner Bros. Pictures International, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Arenas Entertainment were some of the companies visited during the days of the program, which also had presentations by producers like Alan Poul, Rob Aft, Jason Resnick, Barney Cohen and Zachary Matz, lawyers like Michael Donaldson, Frances Hayden and Robert Kaplan, agents of different specialties like Stuart Manashil and Laura Walker (CAA) and Alexis Garcia (WME2), manager Linne Radmin, sales agent Barbara Mudge and the career adviser Barbara Deutsch.

The group had also sessions with the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) and with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), besides a social cocktail for networking with invited producers and scriptwriters from the two most important guilds in the US, the PGA – Producers Guild of America and the WGA – Writers Guild of America. To complete the marathon, participants received badges to a whole day in the American Film Market (AFM), the premiere global marketplace for films.

The US Film Industry Immersion Program: Focus on Los Angeles is organized by LATC with its partners, the IFTA Foundation and NALIP. This year, it also had the official support of EGEDA, the Spanish Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Association, who organized a cocktail with guests from the audiovisual industry in its office in Los Angeles. The Brazilian consul has also offered a reception to the delegation in his residency.

Besides its program in Los Angeles, LATC also organizes the Immersion Program in New York City, in partnership with the IFP, Independent Filmmaker Project. In LA, the delegation was lead by Daniel Dreifuss, Head of US Programs, and Bruna Brasil, Executive Director, both at LATC.

For more information on this program, please contact with: Bruna Brasil, in the Rio de Janeiro’s office ( / (55-21) 8191-4311), or Daniel Dreifuss, based in Los Angeles ( / (1-818) 644-1068).

See below some records of the LA Immersion 2010!

“My most honest congratulations for such a professional work”.
Cristina Echeverri, Bogota, Colombia
“This was an amazingly great eye-opener week, full of incredible meetings that many of us have only dreamed of for many years”.
Alfredo Marcovici, Quito, Ecuador

“Certainly we had the chance to make a fast but intense, clear and deep immersion in the US film industry through this initiative”.
Teo Ríos, Canary Islands, Spain

“For me this has been one of the best experiences and it will be very useful for my career too”.
Damián Perea, Canary Islands, Spain

“After this program, we are very optimistic with our project, because we know we are in the right path to the American market”.
Thiago Bento, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“It was a real pleasure to meet all of you and to share this unique experience”.
Tiahoga Ruge, Mexico DF, Mexico

“It was not only interesting from the professional side, but also invigorating and pleasant from the personal perspective”.
Guillermo Velasco, Madrid, Spain

“I was very impressed by the high-quality of the program, and, specially, very thankful for having the opportunity to interact with such professional and passionate people like you”.
Cristina Echeverri, Bogota, Colombia

“Thank you very much again for your knowledge, professionalism, kindness and dedication to your task, which was perfectly executed”.
Teo Ríos, Canary Islands, Spain

“Thank you very much LATC for sharing such a wealthy source of knowledge and information with us”.
Alfredo Marcovici, Quito, Ecuador

“It was an extraordinary experience for all of us”.
Mónica Borda, Bogota, Colombia


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