A unique opportunity to develop comprehension and conversation skills needed to perform in international productions.

The online course is offered by LATC in association with Global Audiovisual Training Center – GATC. Registration is open until August 18th and may be made directly through the website: https://gatc-edu.com/english-course  

Classes will start on August 28th, and the duration of basic, intermediate and advanced modules is 5 months. Classes are all live, on-line, and are recorded for later review by participants.  

According to Steve Solot, LATC and GATC president, “We have developed a unique methodology aimed specifically at audiovisual professionals, focused on oral communication, with practical themes, jargon and vocabulary for the audiovisual industry. All LATC teachers are qualified and experienced professionals”.

For registration, more information and testimonials by participants, visit the new dedicated English Course website: https://gatc-edu.com/english-course

Registration until August 18, 2023 via the website.
Classes start from August 28, 2023.
Site: https://gatc-edu.com/english-course

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