The LATC Program included a Professional Training Seminar, a Workshop on Pitching, two round-table discussions and a series of one-on-one individual technical consulting sessions for producers, conducted by international experts Harris Tulchin, Per Melita and Steve Solot.

During the event, the international experts addressed the following topics: A Panorama of the global and US audiovisual markets; opportunities for co-productions, sales and distribution; legal aspects of film production, negotiations for projects and financing; multi-platform business models; transmedia projects, traditional and digital release windows; project packaging; access to distributors, the AFM and other markets.

During the practical pitching  session, producers developed their communication skills and trained their basic techniques for pitching. During the first Panel, experts discussed the “Current Opportunities in the Global Audiovisual Sector and Traditional and New Technology Formats.” During the second Panel, they focused on “Tips for getting your idea or script produced and marketed.”  The individual consulting sessions provided producers opportunities to receive commercial, legal and technical advice on their specific projects.

International Experts in the LATC SANFIC Program included:

Harris Tulchin: Founder and president of Harris Tulchin & Associates, Ltd., Mr. Tulchin, lives in Los Angeles and is the co-author of “The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Business and Legal Sourcebook”, Third Edition, 2010. Since 1978, he has specialized in the legal aspects of distribution, productions, entertainment, finance, communications and multimedia since 1978. He was formerly Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for the Film Group and Business Director at MGM Television; graduate of Cornell University and Hastings Law School, he is a frequent speaker at UCLA, at the American Film Institute, the Independent Filmmaker Project and the Producers Conference at Sundance.

Per Melita: Together with Ben Odell, Mr. Melita produced Padre Nosso (Our Father), the first U.S. Spanish-language film selected for the Sundance Film Festival, which also won the Grand Jury Prize. A member of the IFP Producers Alliance and vice president and cofounder of Cinergy Pictures, Mr. Melita has worked on over 20 feature films as an adviser and head of production along with film industry veterans such as James Shamus (Good Machine, Focus Features), Ted Hope (Good Machine, This Is That) and the award-winning producer Ross Katz (In the Bedroom, Lost in Translation), Paul Mezey (Maria llena eres de gracia) and Chris Moore (Goodwill Hunting, Project Greenlight, American Pie). As a producer and co-producer, he has won awards at various festivals such as Tribeca, Venice and the Independent Spirit Awards. Mr. Melita has an MBA in Finance and Media from Fordham University in New York. Per Melita is currently working as producer on following movies: The Bleeding House and Cooktales and Certainty, written and produced by Mike O’Malley (Glee, Parenthood, Eat Pray Love, 28 Days). He lives in New York

Steve Solot: President of the Latin American Training Center-LATC (The Latin American Audiovisual Training and Consultancy), lives in Rio de Janeiro. Before founding LATC, Mr. Solot was Senior Vice President of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) for Latin America, responsible for overseeing and managing all operations of the MPA in all territories of the region in various sectors, including: film, home entertainment, broadcast television, cable TV, protection of intellectual property rights in digital environments. The MPA represents the major studios majors in the U.S. Mr. Solot holds a Master’s Degrees in Economics from Boston University and a Master´s in Latin American Studies from the University of the Pacific. He is also president of the Rio Film Commission, a joint office of the municipal government and state of Rio de Janeiro.

See  photos of the LATC SEMINAR and WORKSHOP at Santiago, Chile, below:

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