From February 21 through 23, FilmGate, the new partner of the Latin American Training Center-LATC, will hold a unique Cinematography workshop with RED Digital Cinema and filmmaker Industry Professional Phil Holand, with unprecedented access to Stiltsville, one of the world’s most unique locations.

The goal is to capture the beauty and history of these structures before their demise. FilmGate Interactive, together with Stiltsville Trust & RED MIAMI, have created an adventure for filmmakers  who want to enhance their skills,  make solid connections and come out of the workshop with a short film to show.

The 3 day  Master Class is intended to improve participants’ craft by with working with high-end production cameras and lighting,  as well as post-production workflow and color correcting techniques. Each team will be provided with a RED Camera Kit.  Each participant must bring a laptop/computer and a hard drive for the day of edit.  Since the shooting will be on 5K to 6K resolutions, a hard drive of at least 2TB is required.

The workshop is open to only 35 participants, including a special invitation to Brazilian filmmakers, so reservations should be made as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. For more information and registration, please visit

The Cinematography workshop with RED Digital Cinema is part of the first joint initiative of LATC with Filmgate, resulting from the new technical cooperation agreement signed earlier this year.  The main objective of the new agreement is to collaborate in the preparation and promotion of new training programs in Miami and Latin America, in addition to promoting activities of each other’s organizations in their respective jurisdictions.

FilmGate is a creative organization powered by the Miami Beach Visitors & Convention Authority and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.  It invites creators and audience to conceive and share their stories, together.  It organizes the FilmGate Interactive Conference, the first conference in the USA to focus solely on interactive and immersive content. Over the last three years, Filmgate has invited audio & visual professionals and those in related industries to join in creating, redefining and experiencing new media.  FilmGate accomplishes that through interactive screenings, exhibits, installations, creative labs, master classes, music, and live events.

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