The flagship program of International Film Schools is the Rio Film School, a cutting edge and innovative film school offering short courses in Rio de Janeiro. Supported by University College London,  Fernando Meirelles (Director of “City of God”), the Rio Film Commission and the State Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, the Rio Film School works in partnership with “Cinema Nosso”  to offer groundbreaking and raw documentary production in and around Rio.

LATC operates various Workshop Programs designed to train and introduce Latin American and Iberian filmmakers, entertainment and media managers, screenwriters, lawyers, professors, executives, government officials and other interested parties to commercial, legal, marketing, artistic, academic, new technology and other aspects of the film, television and new media audiovisual content for the global audiovisual industry through intensive sessions, workshops, conferences and other selected film industry activities.

“Our cooperation springs from our shared interest in audiovisual content production as both a business and a tool for understanding and promoting cultural diversity,” explains LATC President Steve Solot. “We aim to provide filmmakers with the expertise and the opportunity to produce, distribute and market at home and abroad the films they develop.”

According to Dorian Needs, Managing Director of International Film Schools, “Launched in 2010, we have created a great buzz as a result of our cutting edge hands-on documentary production courses as well as the first film made by our students ‘A Vida No Ritmo’ which has been screened around the UK and Brazil. Last year’s topic ‘music in Rio’ gave us access to concerts and artists all over the city and in various ‘favelas’ (shanty towns) out of the reach of any other film school in the world.”

The new LATC and International Film Schools partnership aims to offer innovative and intensive audiovisual training programs for both students and professionals in the audiovisual sector in participating countries and to mutually promote the programs of each entity. According to the partnership agreements, programs to be developed jointly may be either for academic credit according to the academic calendar of International Film Schools or short-term non-credit workshop certificate programs. Programs may contain short-term complementary activities including: Internships, in-country travel, attendance of special academic or non-academic lectures, auditing of regular courses at related institutions, among others. In addition, programs may be stand-alone Workshops organized directly by LATC or in conjunction with partner institutions in Ibero-America. When establishing new Programs with Partner institutions, preference will be given to CILECT (International Association of Film and Television Schools) member institutions.

About International Film Schools: In addition to support by University College London, Fernando Meirelles, the Rio Film Commission and the State Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, and its partnership with “Cinema Nosso,” the Rio Film School has unparalleled access to the most fascinating subjects and location in Rio de Janeiro, including locations and actors from the film “City of God,” and  street samba artists, as well as underground hip-hop battles, urban graffiti, surf projects and musicians from various neighborhoods of Rio. The Rio Film School also provides financial and logistical support for the Brazilian NGO “Cinema Nosso”, the Rio-based media arts organization which uses film as a means for education, empowerment and cultural expression for their underprivileged adolescent students.

About Latin American Training Center: LATC is a regional media training and consulting firm based in Rio de Janeiro. LATC training programs are focused on the new generation of audiovisual content producers in Latin America. In addition to organizing technical training workshops for professional filmmakers throughout Latin America, it offers full-service consulting for content producers, film commissions, film festivals and other industry players in specific audiovisual, fiscal incentive, co-production and legal areas. LATC is affiliated to CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools (Brussels, Belgium), IFTA Foundation – Independent Film & Television Alliance (Los Angeles, US), IFP – Independent Filmmaker Project (New York, US), NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers (Los Angeles, US) and EGEDA – Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (Madrid, Spain). LATC also maintains working agreements with The Incentives Office (Los Angeles, US) and the law offices of Cesnik Quintino & Salinas (São Paulo, Brazil).


Dorian Needs
Managing Director
Rio Film School
London, England

Fernanda Lima
Special Projects Coordinator
Latin American Training Center
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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