. The MOU will serve as a framework agreement for joint development of activities and programs for the advancement of the national film industries and audiovisual content producers in Latin America, with respect to furthering education, creativity, film preservation, film finance, and other audiovisual industry topics.

The MOU is based on the interest of AFC in expanding the scope of its activities in the Latin American Region for the development of programs for audiovisual sector professionals, including seminars, workshops and other training and film preservation programs in the region, and the fact that LATC maintains relationships with national film producer associations, film schools, government film institutes and other players in the audiovisual sector in all key territories of Latin America as well as Spain.

Among the programs in development together by AFC and LATC are a film preservation workshop in Brazil to be co-sponsored by a US University Film Archive. Also planned is a new publication containing articles by prominent film directors in Latin America, offering their perspectives of the status of the film industry in their respective countries.

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