On May 30th, at the invitation of Sebrae-MT, MTCine and the State Secretariat of Culture of Mato Grosso, Steve Solot, Executive Director of the Brazilian Film Commission Network (Rede Brasileira de Film Commissions-REBRAFIC) presented a seminar on film commissions in Cuiabá in the Brazilian State Mato Grosso.

The objective of the seminar was to introduce the essential concepts necessary for the creation of a film commission.  The seminar also topics such as basic operations of a production support office, the international panorama of the sector and the contributions of film commissions to the economic development of the audiovisual industry.

In addition to the seminar, Mr. Solot participated in three highly-productive meetings with the State Secretariat of Culture, MTCine (Association of film producers) and the State Secretariat of Tourism Development of Mato Grosso. 

See the full report on the successful meetings on the creation of the Mato Grosso Film Commission in the local newspaper Noticias Cuiabá here (in Portuguese).

For more information on REBRAFIC, see: www.rebrafic.net.


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