During June 5-8, at the invitation of FilmAndes, Steve Solot and Kate Lyra, President and Director of LATC, respectively, conducted a seminar on executive production of film and TV content in the Argentine city of Mendoza.

The Seminar included 4 days of conferences and meetings.  The themes were management, financing and preparation of projects for the international market, Producer Guild of America (PGA) criteria and definitions, the US audiovisual industry, global trends of the “major” studios and the independent producers, the US Hispanic market and principal festivals/markets around the world.  There was also a special presentation on the objective, benefits and operations of film commissions.

In addition to the conferences, the seminar included individual technical consulting for audiovisual projects in the production phase, considering market topics, presentation formats, target audiences and pitch training by Kate Lyra.

FilmAndes is a non-profit organization whose mission is  to promote the development of the audiovisual arts and creative industries.  It is based in Mendoza, Argentina.  The Seminar was part of the “Strategic Development Program of the Film Andes Audiovisual Cluster of the Mendoza Province” with support of the Inter-American Development Bank-IDB, and the ProMendoza Foundation.

See the journalistic report (in Spanish):  http://ecocuyo.com/diez-proyectos-audiovisuales-de-mendoza-for-export/


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