This year the Program which runs October 30 – November 4, will offer three formats to meet the different needs of producers and audiovisual industry participants.

Organized annually by the Latin American Training Center-LATC for participants from around the world, the Program is designed to connect filmmakers, media managers, attorneys, professors, executives, government officials and others with practically all aspects of the US entertainment industry and to offer numerous networking opportunities.  Participants will be able to discuss their audiovisual projects with producers, agents, studio executives and distributors in Los Angeles, and generate possibilities for development, financing, distribution and co-production.

The new, updated program structure meets participant demands by providing three formats:

  • Business & Pitching (3 days): Focused on business opportunities and pitching, this module is aimed at professionals with audiovisual projects seeking to improve their management and negotiation skills and to take advantage of networking opportunities in Los Angeles.
  • Training & Networking (4 days): This module offers a panorama of current topics and trends of the global and US industry, as well as various networking opportunities with professionals from around the world. It is ideal for participants without projects.
  • Executive (5 days): This module offers a full industry immersion. In addition to the Business & Pitching and Training & Networking options, this module offers up to three individual one-on-one meetings, as well as a prior, personalized evaluation of a project previously submitted to LATC consultants.

Space is limited and registration is open from July 5 to September 1st.  Registrations prior to August 1st receive a 5% discount. For more information regarding costs, requirements, and application, visit LATC Global Film & Television Program.

Fernanda Lima LATC Project

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