This month the Chile Film Commission announced a 30% cash rebate incentive to attract more international productions. In order to qualify, foreign producers of feature films, TV series or digital platform series must partner with a local producer and spend a minimum of $2 million in the country. The incentive will not exceed 30% of qualified expenses, with a cap of $3 million.

In June 2016, the Latin American Training Center-LATC was requested by Chile to initiate studies on the format, structure and details a new incentive.  Together with Pougy Tupinambá Advogados (Brasil), LATC, undertook a survey of existing international production incentives throughout the world and provided technical information and data for the final incentive.

The new incentive is expected to bring about a number of significant benefits to Chile in terms of attracting production and local expenditures, increased tourism and professionalization of the local industry workforce.  For more information, see

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