The Latin American Training Center-LATC and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) are pleased to announce a new series of Spanish-language technical training courses for audiovisual industry professionals in Latin America, following the great success of the two previous editions, which included participants from throughout the region. Registration for the courses, which run from April to July 2024, is now open.

“The Motion Picture Association is excited once again to work with LATC to support this training program for below-the-line workers, to help local industries across the region take advantage of growing demand for streaming content,” said Carla Sanchez Armas, Managing Director of Latin America for the Motion Picture Association.

“While many streaming platforms and others continue to expand local production, the region continues to face a shortage of qualified professionals. The crew shortages are especially acute in those countries where streaming giants are investing heavily in production, such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. Thanks to our partnership with the MPA, this third series of technical courses for below-the-line professionals will help expand workforce production capacity from the ground up,” said Steve Solot, LATC President.

Open only to recent film school graduates and below-the-line technical professionals from countries in Latin America, the new online program consists of five courses taught once or twice a week in Spanish by renowned Latin American and international industry professionals. Each course will focus on a specific below-the-line technical expertise, based on the region’s demand, as well as LATC experience with previous technical training programs in Latin America. Courses include:

    • Script Supervisor in April with the instructor Mariana Gironella
    • Line Producer in April-May with the instructor Carlos Taibo
    • Assistant Director in May with the instructor Bernardo Jasso
    • Production Designer in June with the instructor Gloria Carrasco
    • Locations Manager in June-July with the instructor Quique Gutiérrez del Álamo

The cost for each course is USD $50, and USD $25 for Women, Trans, Black, Indigenous People and People with Disabilities, based on LATC’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, to include participants with different profiles and cultures. 

For more information, including registration forms and dates of courses, please visit: Programa LATC 2024

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