, the Iber.film.america festival, organized by EGEDA – Audio Visual Producers´Rights Management Association — presents and exhibits audiovisual content produced in Latin América via the new distribution channels made possible by Internet. The Festival is supported by the ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts), the FIPCA (Iberoamerican Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers) and the Instituto Cervantes.

The Festival site, www.iberfilmamerica.com, allows up to 10,000 views of each films selected for the competition and viewers can vote for the Popular Jury Award on Facebook. All who vote will also be included in the drawing for a trip for two to the eighteenth edition of the Recent Spanish Cinema Festival  in Los Angeles, and ten bonus Year Plans for watching movies in Spanish for free on the cinema online website Filmotech.com.

In addition to the public, a jury of five journalists and critics specializing in Latin America and Europe will also give an award. The Critics´ Award includes U.S.$ 3,000 for the producer and a trip to the 1st EGEDA Audiovisual Forum scheduled this year.

The films selected by the Festival are: Boleto al paraíso, by  Gerardo Chijona Valdés; Contracorriente, by Javier Fuentes León; Des-autorizados, by Elia Schneider; García, by José Luis Rugeles; Guest, by José Luis Guerín; Jean Gentil, by Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas; Los colores de la montaña, by Carlos César Arbeláez; La mala verdad, by Miguel Ángel Rocca; La mitad de Óscar, by Manuel Martín Cuenca; La Yuma, by Florence Jauguey; Medianeras, by Gustavo Taretto; Norberto apenas tarde, by Daniel Hendler; Pescador, by Sebastián Cordero; and Transeúnte, by Eryck Rocha.

EGEDA is a Partner of Latin American Training Center – LATC (Centro Latino-americano de Treinamento e Assessoria Audiovisual), a training and consulting company headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and chaired by Mr. Steve Solot, also president of the Filme Rio-Rio Film Commission. Mr. Solot will participate in the EGEDA Forum representing LATC and the Filme Rio-Rio Film Commission, from April 24 to 26, 2012, in Panama.

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