Brasília Cinematográfica

In development since 2008, Brasília Cinematográfica aims to effectively implement the Brasilia Film Commision.  Suggestions have been elaborated, specifically designed to increase the region´s competitive edge as a privileged location for film and video productions.

With the support of the Fundo de Apoio à Cultura (FAC, the Secretariat for Culture for the Federal District, CET-UnB and the SEBRAE-UnB/DF, the project thus far has completed the first two stages:  Governance and Strategic Planning. 
Stage Two of Brasília Cinematográfica was completed in August 2010 and featured LATC Consulting for Film Commissions, with LATC President Steve Solot serving as technical advisor for the segment denominated Competitive Intelligence. LATC has been fundamental in the creation of a regional program investment model, investment programs and design of financial and tax incentives for audiovisual productions using Brasilia and its surrounding areas as a location.

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