The Mayor of Búzios, Alexandre Martins, together with the Secretary of Tourism, Dom de Búzios, announced the creation of the Municipal Office for Audiovisual Production Support (Búzios Film Commission), subordinated to the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism. 

With the new Film Commission, the City Hall aims to enhance the competitiveness of Búzios as a privileged destination for film shooting and production of national and international films, series, novellas, commercials, and audiovisual activities which will generate a positive economic impact. The Búzios Film Commission will contribute to economic development through the creation of jobs, tax collection, and appreciation of the city, as well as increasing tourism.

Decree No. 1753 published on November 11 establishes the Búzios Film Commission, together with a Deliberative Council, Consultative Council and the positions of Office Head and Assistant.

According to Mayor Alexandre Martins: “The goal of the Búzios Film Commission is that the diverse landscapes of Búzios serve as locations for productions of film, TV and other platforms. In addition to stimulating the audiovisual economy, and the creative economy as a whole, these activities will generate a positive economic impact in other sectors, such as tourism and local commerce.”

For the Secretary of Tourism, Dom de Búzios: “The Búzios Film Commission will be the new catalyst of the so-called “film tourism” and will generate visits by tourists to the locations where the films, series and novellas are shot: the beaches, hotels and other attractive destinations of the city.”

According to Mario José Paz, owner of the Gran Cine Bardot and founder of the Búzios Cine Festival, the new Búzios Film Commission will organize and promote an essential activity for the cultural and commercial life of the city. The initiative will also have the support of the Búzios Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The installation of the Búzios Film Commission will have the technical support of Steve Solot, President of the Latin American Training Center-LATC, former manager of Netflix, former president of the Rio Film Commission and founder of the Brazilian Film Commission Network-REBRAFIC.

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