, on-line screenwriting contest. To participate, applicants must register and submit a script based on the theme “Being sustainable is …”, together with a video clip of up to 90 seconds, which should provide the concept of the film when finished. Based on this information, the general public will vote for the top 50 film concepts. During the second phase of the contest, the jury and the general public will choose the top 10 in each of two categories: short and medium-length scripts. In the final phase, the same combination of general public and jury will choose the two winners. The first prize is R$85.000 and the second prize is R$50.000.

The jury also includes Clelia Bessa, board member of the Brazilian Association of Independent TV Producers (ABPITV) and board member the Film and Audiovisual Industry Union (SICAV) ; Bruno Primor, of INSPIRATORIUM; Roberto Caliman, director of photography; Renato Marafon, journalist , publicist, film critic and creator of the site CinePOP.com.br; Meire Fernandes, Program Manager for Crackle Latin America and founder of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival; Nazarene Paulo, journalist and co-founder of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival; Luiz Alfaya, Superintendent of the Criar Institute of TV, Film and New Media; Mariana de Stefano, Head of the Center for Culture and Expression at the Criar Institute of TV, Film and New Media.

10.15.2012 – 12.15.2012 – Registration
16/12/2012 – 01/02/2013 – Stage 1 – top 50 in each category
02/02/2013 – 08/02/2013 – Confirmation of the votes from Round 1
09/02/2013 – 10/03/2013 – Round 2 – Top 10 in each category
11/03/2013 – 17/03/2013 – Confirmation of Phase 2 votes
18/04/2013 – 30/04/2013 – Final Vote
10/05/2013 – Announcement of winners

For more information, visit www.filmabrasil.com

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