“We are very excited to have a seasoned executive and longtime resident in Brazil, like Steve Solot,  as our representative in Rio de Janeiro, and look forward to more bi-lateral trade and investment – especially with firms from Brazil and those from Seattle and Vancouver B.C.,’’ said Don Vollmer, President of Pacific Northwest Advisors,

“I am delighted to work again with my former colleague and friend of longstanding, and hope that we can encourage more Brazilian executives, tourists, and companies to visit us in Seattle and open up new personal and business relationships in 2011,” affirmed Stephen Murphy, Senior Advisor, Latin America of Pacific Northwest Advisors.

Steve Solot and Stephen Murphy were former colleagues at the Rio de Janeiro branch, BankBoston, in the 1970’s and later in the 1980’s, when Mr. Solot served as Senior Vice President, Latin America, Motion Picture Association (MPAA), representing Hollywood studios, and Mr. Murphy as Vice President, Latin America, for Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios, setting up home video operations in Brazil and in nine other countries in the Americas.  Together, they battled piracy and forged alliances with Brazilian film producers and consumers in order to establish copyrighted home video, providing jobs and support to the Brazilian film industry.

Mr. Solot is currently the President of the Rio de Janeiro Film Commission, which encourages foreign film producers to shoot feature length films and audiovisual works in Rio de Janeiro, and is also founder of the Latin American Training Center, which trains producers and film professionals in Latin America and Spain,  Mr. Murphy is supporter of the Seattle Film Festival, this year scheduled in Seattle, May 19, 2011 and is hopeful for more Brazilian film entries, such as Brazil’s box office hit, “Tropa de Elite,II”  to this growing festival for independent films.

Pacific Northwest Advisors is a consulting consortium of senior advisors, which provides business development services to firms locating to cities like Seattle WA, Vancouver B.C. and Portland, OR, as well as to Pacific Northwest firms expanding international operations to important and fast growing markets like Brazil, India and China.

Seattle is considered by Forbes.com as the U.S.’ most ‘educated city’, as its residents have more undergraduate and graduate degrees per capita than any other American city.  The Seattle area is also headquarters for such organizations as Microsoft Corporation., Amazon.com, Boeing Company, Starbucks, AT&T Wireless, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Hutchinson Institute, the University of Washington, Worldvision, as well as Brazil’s Spring Wireless for its expanding North American operations in wireless applications to corporations.

Steve Solot is a resident of the Ipanema neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, with family in Tucson, Arizona, and earned a  M.A., Latin American Studies, from the University of the Pacific and a M.A. in Economics from Boston University.

Points of contact: (please see ‘Advisory Team’ at www.pnwa.com for curriculum vitae of PNWA advisors): 
Don Vollmer: donvollmer@pnwa.com US office phone: (206) 275-3305
Stephen Murphy: semurphy@pnwa.com US cell phone: (202) 255-9479
Steve Solot: steve.solot@gmail.com Rio office phone: (55-21) 2247-4505

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