The international consulting firm Olsberg•SPI and the Global Audiovisual Training Center – GATC are excited to announce their new agreement, aimed at meeting the global demand for training production crews and below-the-line professionals around the world. 

Founded in 2008 by Steve Solot, as LATC with an initial focus on the Latin American region, GATC expanded rapidly to other regions as the boom of online platforms for audiovisual content around the world created an increased need for qualified professionals. It has conducted technical courses throughout Latin America, in conjunction with local producer associations in each country.  

SPI, in turn, has conducted numerous technical studies for workforce mapping and crew skills reviews in countries around the world. It has consistently recommended workforce development programs and public policies to strengthen audiovisual industries as they develop and seek to attract investment and international productions. 

Through this partnership between GATC and SPI, the goal now is to offer bespoke programs to regions other than Latin America. The courses will be taught in English by renowned professionals in the audiovisual industry in remote, online or face-to-face format.

For more information, please visit the GATC website, and SPI website: 


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