Olsberg•SPI is an international strategy consultancy for the creative industries, which provides a range of expert consultancy and strategic advisory services to public and private sector clients, specialising in the worlds of film, television, video games and digital media. Formed in 1992, they have become one of the leading international consultancies in these dynamic audiovisual industries.

Their expertise

Olsberg•SPI’s expertise includes developing audiovisual content strategies, mapping out a region’s production capacity through their bespoke PICA service, designing production incentives, and undertaking robust economic impact studies.

Their work in Latin America

Olsberg•SPI has long been following the growth of the “Orange Economy” in Latin America, especially the contribution of the audiovisual industries.

They are currently working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to map out the skill gaps of below-the-line technical roles across the 26 countries it supports across Latin America and Caribbean. The analysis will inform their future training programmes for the region’s audiovisual industries.

Olsberg•SPI is now offering a free Public Policy Audiovisual Diagnostic Consultation Service. This is an opportunity to discuss all aspects of a country’s public sector audiovisual strategy with the Olsberg•SPI experts, and how the strategy could be improved or updated. Further information and how to apply here.

Olsberg•SPI is available to take part and run presentations or webinars in film festivals and markets in Latin America. These can be in Spanish, Portuguese or English and based on any of the topics listed below, as well as others subject to approval.

Olsberg•SPI Associate, Steve Solot is also editor of the forthcoming free LATC publication, “The Audiovisual Public Policy Landscape in Latin America”.

Selected recent studies

Global Screen Production – The Impact of Film and Television Production on Economic Recovery from COVID-19 (2020) – a major study into the value and size of the global audiovisual content sector, providing unparalleled analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on film and television production.

Production Infrastructure Capacity Audit (PICA) for Sweden (2019) – a bespoke assessment of current production capacity in 99 specific elements across five key areas: facilities and equipment; services; locations; crew; and key creative talent. This provides analysis of current and emerging gaps that will serve to limit value, and outlines strategies to improve capacity.

Best Practice in Screen Sector Development (2019) – a major study for the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), providing a detailed overview of the effective strategies and policies used by governments around the world to maximise their share of the high-value audiovisual content market.

Global Incentives Index (2020) – a detailed global overview of mechanism behind automatic national, state, and province-level audiovisual content incentives.

If you would like to learn more or contract the services of Olsberg•SPI, please contact the Associate for Latin America, Steve Solot at steve@o-spi.com.

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