The Latin American Training Center is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Screenplay Treatment Competition, whose theme for this edition was “LGBTQ+ Diversity”.


1st place – “Divina” [“Divine”] by Vitor Paulo de Souza Gilard
David, a young mason, dreams of becoming a drag queen. For this, he needs to demolish past pains and rebuild his memories and affections.

2nd place – “Eva” by Thays J. F. Berbe
The struggle of a trans woman for her adopted son.

3rd place – “Salão de Baile” [“Ballroom”] by Udney de Vasconcelos Matheus
A documentary that aims to look at the birth and expansion of ballroom culture in Brazil, through the bodies involved, and investigate the influences and changes suffered when it comes into contact with Brazilian reality.

Spanish-speaking countries:

1st place – “Las Flores Perfectas” [“The Perfect Flowers”] by Carolina López Soto
Upon entering university in Santiago, Amelia, an 18 years old young woman, is the new resident of a house inhabited by a symbiotic community of plants and humans, whose bonds will make her rethink the limits of love and her own existence within an interspecies world.

2nd place – “La historia detrás de ti” [“The story behind you”] by Melisa Graciela Estaba Camacho
The surprise visit of the distant father-in-law forces a lonely mother to face her past to raise a family for her baby after the death of his wife.

3rd place – “POST-OP” by Florencia Bastida
Lu, a lesbian and transgressor lawyer, will face her first trial and will have a strong ally to prepare her defense: Jero, her dear friend who, despite being in the midst of a mastectomy (gender reassignment), will be her most loyal partner.

The first-place winners will receive a US$ 300 cash award and a Coaching Session (Script Development or Pitching) with Kate Lyra, LATC Director and Technical Consultant. The second-place winners will receive a gift-certificate to download the Final Draft software (valued at US$ 249.99). The third-place winners will receive a book from LATC Publishing. 

“This year’s edition of the LATINX demonstrates LATC’s continued commitment to the ongoing process of greater diversity and inclusion in the Latin American audiovisual industry. The fact that LATC maintains relationships with content production communities, as well as government entities throughout the region, makes it uniquely positioned to contribute to development of the industry and to offer opportunities for both new-generation and experienced filmmakers in all content formats,” says Kate Lyra, LATC Director.

For more information, please acess here for Portuguese and here for Spanish.

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