In order to give visibility to young profesionals entering the highly competitive audiovisual industry, the Latin American Training Center announces a new platform for promotion of audiovisual projects (fiction and documentaries) from students and graduates who seek support for financing, co-production, crowdfunding, distribution, post-production, among other services.

This platform is exclusively for students and graduates from members schools of the FORCINE in Brazil, the Brazilian Forum for the Teaching of Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (, a non-profit organization that brings together and represents Brazilian professionals dedicated to film and audiovisual education, aiming at the development and strengthening of this activity. There are currently associated 24 film schools.

This new platform is part of LATC’s mission to support new professionals in the audiovisual industry in Latin America and it will generate high visibility for the projects, which will be available for producers from all over Latin America, and even from other regions.

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