Consulting for Film Commissions and Governments

LATC – Latin American Training Center offers consulting services for the design of institutional and organizational Film Commission structures  in order to strengthen and consolidate states, municipalities or regions as attractive destinations for audiovisual content production.

Our strategy is to create the conditions necessary to attract and facilitate production of films, TV and commercials which can generate jobs, increase tax revenues, and further economic development through both national and international exposure of locations and the subsequent increment in film tourism, and the short, medium and long-term multiplying effect of these activities throughout the region.

Services offered by LATC include:

  • Design of Institutional and organizational structure to consolidate an internationally competitive destination for audiovisual content production;
  • Development of fiscal and financial incentives to attract domestic  and international production;
  • Development of commercial, tributary and legislative planning strategies for the implementation of Film Commissions;
  • Preparation of Economic Impact Study to measure costs and benefits of a local Film Commission as a tool for economic development.  

On-going LATC consulting projects include Brasília Cinematográfica.

Our Partners
Brazilian Content
Cámara Nacional de la Industria Cinematográfica
FilmAndes Cluster
abc cursos de cinema
CQS/FV Advogados

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