Latin American Script analysis, editing and re-write service

Harold Apter

Professional US Script Doctor, Professor of Screenwriting at
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts,
Member, Writers Guild of America (WGA)

# Do you have a feature film project, a television series in development or an animation script and would like a professional’s opinion?

# Do you have doubts regarding the plot development and story line?

# Are you still unsure of how the characters are portrayed?

# Would you like to have a professional opinion about your script?

The LATC Script Analysis Service will provide you with the answers to all these questions, as well as professional advice on relevant aspects of your script such as: Originality, Thematic Treatment, Structure, Character development, Dialogue.

Submission of Material:

– Scripts may be submitted from any country in Latin America and may be for cinema or television, fiction or animation, single episodes or a series.
– LATC professional script services in Los Angeles are available only in English.
– Material should be submitted in standard screenplay format.

LATC Script Analysis Service Categories:

LATC maintains a fee schedule for four types of script service:

1. Basic Script Analysis: Does the story work?  Are the characters and situation believable?  If not, why?   The Basic Script Analysis provides a 2-3 page outline of areas of potential improvement and includes one live consultation via Skype.

2. In-Depth Script Analysis –   Act by act, scene by scene breakdown of script with full detailed notes.  Does the structure work?  Are the acts well delineated?  Will the story engage the audience?  Are the characters well drawn?  Do their actions make sense within the story?  The In-Depth Script Analysis provides a complete plan for a potential rewrite or polish of the script, suggestions for improving characters, structure and tone in 20–25 pages and includes two live consultations via Skype (before and after preparation of analysis).

3. Complete Script Re-Write – Have your script (100 – 110 pages) professionally rewritten to industry standard. Service includes unlimited live consultation via Skype.

4. In-Depth Script Analysis + Complete Script Re-Write (Combination of Nos. 2 and 3 above). Following receipt of the In-Depth Script Analysis, a complete script rewrite may be requested to continue the project.  The fee for the Analysis will be applied to the total fee for the rewrite.

LATC Script Analysis Service Procedure:

1. Contact LATC at to request a budget based on one of the 4 categories above.
2. You will receive a Release Form to protect the intellectual property of the material.
3. Send the signed Release Form and the material to
4. You will receive the proposed budget, contract and time-frame for the corresponding service.
5. Fees will be listed in US Dollars, and may be made via PayPal, wire transfer to a US bank in the US, or in R$ to a Brazilian bank in Brazil.
6. Please direct questions to


A protégé of the great American Theater producer and director Harold Prince, Harold Apter began his career in American television as a Production Assistant, and subsequently Writer on the daytime drama “Ryan’s Hope,” and was awarded a 1982–1983 Emmy Award as part of that writing team.
He has also written and produced prime-time television in the United States, working on such diverse shows as Stephen J. Cannel’s “Stingray”, “The Golden Girls” and “Star Trek, The Next Generation”.  He was Story Editor on “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Gene Roddenberry’s: Earth Final Conflict”, Executive Story Editor on the Fox series “Fortune Hunter” and a Producer on the Paramount/UPN series “The Sentinel” for which he also wrote fifteen original teleplays. He has written and/or produced over one hundred television episodes.
Besides his extensive work in American television, Apter’s work in Brazil has spanned the better part of a decade and includes writing, consulting on and producing feature films in both English and Portuguese.
Most recently he was a consultant and Associate Producer on “Nosso Lar” and he has written the screenplay for “The Maria da Penha Story,” scheduled for production in Brazil in 2012. Apter is a member of the Writers Guild of America and holds a degree in Film and Television from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  He currently teaches Screen and Television writing at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Other LATC Services:

# LATC may be contracted separately to provide a professional English translation of scripts and other materials submitted in Spanish or in Portuguese.

# LATC professional research services may also be contracted to provide additional background (historical, cultural, and scientific) for scripts and treatments.

# LATC also offers services for project development packaging and business plan preparation, as well as consulting for international co-production and equity investment.

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