The Last Stick Fighter

Project in Development

Treatment, Director Attached, Development Funding

Original Screenplay


US$ 2,000,000

Budget to this date

US$ 15,000

Looking for

Presales, Investors, Cast








Country of origin 

South Africa


When the remote village of the legendary Nkunzi is under threat of being wiped out to make way for an Australian Titanium mine, this once dishonored son of the chief must restore his honor and take their fight to the man that sold them out and took away the only thing he loved.

Cast & Crew

Director: Rolie Nikiwe

Producers: Mayenzeke Baza, Pascal Schmitz, Todd Brown

Writers: Steven Pillimer, Khobi Ledwaba

Cast: TBC

The producer will stay in Los Angeles between October 30th and November 4th.

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Mayenzeke Baza

AAA Entertainment | Producer and Head Of Sales

Mayenzeke Baza is the Head Of Sales at AAA Entertainment a film and television sales and financing company based out of Johannesburg. Through AAA Entertainment, his work stretches innovation in both production, sales and distribution across South Africa, the continent, and the world. From TV and cinema to new mobile content.

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