US Film Industry Immersion Program

LATC announces new dates for US Film Industry Immersion Program for Iberoamerican Filmmakers

At the request of participating filmmakers, the Latin American Training Center has moved its Trade Mission for Iberoamerican Filmmakers from April to November, 2009, in order to overlap LATC activities with those of the American Film Market®.

LATC Film Industry “Immersion” Program in Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1 – 6, 2009


From November 1st to November 6th, in Los Angeles, CA, 25 Iberoamerican producers and other film industry participants in the US Film Industry Immersion Program for Iberoamerican Filmmakers will have the opportunity to experience an “immersion” into the commercial, legal, marketing, artistic, academic and new media aspects of the US audiovisual industry through an intensive schedule of meetings, presentations, seminars and other industry activities in the Los Angeles area.

Co-productions and distribution with US independents and Hispanic producers in the US offer an important channel for Iberoamerican producers to reach the US market. (See attachment 1). The US Film Industry Immersion Program for Iberoamerican Filmmakers is open to professionals from Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal, with or without projects in development. The program is also open to entertainment and media managers, lawyers, professors, executives and government officials, journalists or others requiring a well-rounded knowledge of the worldwide entertainment industry.

Producers who intend to present their film project in any of the meetings must provide confirmation of copyright registration. Projects may be registered in the copyright office of the country of origin, or by mail with the U.S. Copyright Office, or online with ProtectRite or the WGA. A one-page synopsis (in English) is required by October 1st. Specific times and venues of presentations will be determined by LATC management. LATC reserves the right to determine the final list of projects to be presented in Los Angeles, and cannot guarantee that all projects submitted will be presented.

LATC has designed the US Film Industry Immersion Program for Iberoamerican Filmmakers and developed an exciting itinerary with its partners, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers – NALIP and the IFTA Foundation™, a supporting foundation of the Independent Film & Television Alliance® (IFTA®). IFTA® is the owner and producer of the American Film Market®. LATC’s Immersion Program in Los Angeles is a component of the “LATC Iberoamerican Film Export Promotion Program,” which is aimed at increasing the presence of independent Iberoamerican audiovisual content in the US market.

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